My Tools

I’ve equipped myself to be a one-man-band – hauling everything I need to get the shot, be it a talking head interview or some pretty B-Roll.  I’m currently shooting with a Lumix GH5 at up to 10bit 4K 60fps.  And I pack couple nice lenses, a modest lighting kit, a compact jib, decent audio, etc. Plus I am genuinely interested in people and their stories, and can bring them out as an interviewer.  That all being said, I also play well with others! I can be your B-cam or second unit shooter, or I can bring in grips, location mixers and the like for more complex jobs.  HOWEVER, getting the shot is just the beginning.  If you need a solid edit, I work with the Adobe Suite and Black Magic DaVinci to take your project all the way to delivery, it that’s where your needs lay.

The video?  Oh, that’s just a kid indulging his grandfather about 4 hours after un-boxing his new camera!